Choose Right Nanny Cameras

Here is a guide to help you choose the right nanny cam to use in monitoring your hired help.

Where do you want to place the covert cameras?

  • Ensure that the device can get power wherever it’s located since spy cams do need power to run. You can choose devices that have longer-lasting batteries if no power outlets are near the chosen or ideal location. By clicking here we get info about  nanny camera
  • Consider the best hidden cameras to use for the home. There are spy cameras designed to look like ordinary household appliances and items like DVD players, wall clocks, computer speakers, etc. Choose a nanny cam that your kid’s nanny won’t suspect.
  • The place where you intend to put the nanny cameras must not get you in trouble. Remember, you are acquiring a device to monitor your child’s nanny inside your home. The camera must not be at a vantage point where it will also record activities beyond the boundaries of your home.
  • Consider the lighting condition. There are spy cams that can record even in very poor lighting condition while others need ample source of light.
  • How many spy cams do you intend to set up? Hidden security camera systems may require professional installation.

When do you plan to view the recordings?

  • Hidden cameras have different recording capacity, some can only contain 3 hours worth of recording or less, while others can store recordings worth 3 days.
  • How much activity is there in the room – living room, bedroom, kitchen? Spy cameras specifically for home use record less activity than those recorded by a store camera.
  • Consider if you want a device that can record continuously or can be set to record only at a certain time. Some devices have motion-activation feature so they record only when they detect movements.

Do you prefer a wireless camera?

  • Wireless internet or cordless phones might interfere with a wireless signal.
  • Consider if you want to be able to view the camera feed live from another room.
  • Problems with wireless transmission can be resolved by running a wire to view or use a built-in recorder.

What options do you have?

  • There are different types of spy cameras in the market today that can be used as nanny cameras.
  • Wired hidden cameras are connected by a video cable to a recording device.
  • Wireless hidden cameras have built-in transmitters that will send the video wirelessly to a hidden receiver nearby which is also connected to a video recorder or TV for live monitoring.
  • Stealth cameras are devices with built-in DVR that records video directly to a digital memory card.

This simple guide should be able to help you choose the best nanny cameras to use. One other thing you need to know about using spy cams: do not record hidden audio. It is against federal law to record other people’s voices without informing them first and you may go to jail and pay a hefty fine if you do.